Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy birthday to Nadea, Syukri, Rahimi and Linda

The event has been planning since the past of couple weeks, to celebrate a few friends birthday from our class. Those boys and girls (Nadea, Syukri, Rahimi and Linda) was not born in the same date but the dates are almost same. So we manage to celebrate them at the same time.

The venue for the event was in the food court and it was started around 11 p.m. Everyone was gathered over there since 10 p.m with 2 cakes that was bought in the evening. i was there around 10 something and bought some food for my starving stomach (sajer wat alas perut, nanti masa makan kek, bukan nyer kenyang sangat pon) huhuh.

Once everyone was there (some friends were unable to attend), the celebration was began with the birthday song that were sang by us. Blow up the candles for both cakes, i didn't see any wishes were made from the birthday boys and girls, all eyes were in both delicious cakes. Cakes are ready to serve and without wasting times, i ate almost three pieces of cakes. well, it doesn't matter cause the cakes are still enough for everyone. (diorang makan cikit jer, nak jaga badan konon2nyer while I'm wishing to gain more weight, I'm skinny and I wish i could getting fatter)


Time to go home, but have a mission still not accomplish yet. It's time for eggs and flour party nearest to the food court (mentega pon ader la wa cakap sama lu). Before I come to food court, I manage to wear a cheesy apparels cause i realize since from the very beginning, something bad will occur.

So kami main la tepung ngan telur , mentega tidak ketinggalan. Those things were messed up on us. Birthday boy and birthday girls are the main target and priority. Then, party is over and we are heading back to our apartment. New problems are arise, nak kene basuh baju, nak basuh rambut lagi, ader telur , ader tepung ader mentega. (next time, I would definitely use a plastic bag to cover up my hair haih!!!). Sembahyang Jumaat will be start in a few minutes time. so gotta run now.

Few faces after the makeover party






For those friends who couldn't find your picture in my blog, I'm so sorry. Currently, only these pictures I have in my hands. Kindly, hand over your pictures so that I could update once again. Let the memory lives on.

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