Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geo mechanics - in progress

I just got back from Melaka after almost a half day being there. The new mission was accomplished where my group needs to attend one appointment regarding to our Geo project. The project title is Surcharging or Preloading and we have been asked to find one site regarding this method and produce a model.

Well, for general info, I’ll brief based on what I have done so far and if any of you aware of the mistakes, even a teeny – weeny, you are allowed to deliver your opinion, suggestion or even comment. Write down in any section that you think is suitable. There’s nothing wrong here as long as it is not an offensive situation. I’m open to accept any criticism and I’ve nothing to against it.

So, preloading or surcharging is consolidation accelerates under a few meters of placed fill and almost stops when surcharge is removed usually in place for about one year before construction. Meaning, let say, there is a weak soil formation (saturated soil) that unable to restrain the load from building, surcharging will be act as temporary load at the top of the soil. At the same time, the water from the saturated soil will be drained out and the settlement will occur. Well, u got the pictures?

The situation goes like this, my friend’s father (En Nordin) help us out with finding one site for our Geo project. With his help, we able to have an appointment with one consultant that involve in geo field but still not a specialist in this field. It’s not the problem to us as long as we could see the data or any important explanation. The consultant is O&L (juruteta perunding) and the engineer is Mr. Fadhil. He’s a cool man, and very knowledgeable as he knows almost every project that currently in progress all around in Malaysia.

The worst thing is, we were not prepared enough, we still not clear about the surcharging and we have no idea what types of question should be ask. Things not even better after I was appointed as a leader on the spot once Mr. fadhil ask about the group leader. I was a little bit clumsy as I’m not ready to hold that position. I was suddenly getting promoted. I’m not trembling but a bit nervous when he asking me what do I know about the Preloading. Well, I try to answer him with whatever words that comes inside my mind. Few friends come for the back up and I could say I’m saved :)

Unfortunately, the site is not currently available. We try to find the vertical drain project that possibly in progress so that it easy for us to process the data. According to him, it’s rare to find any vertical drain project nowadays. Most of the contractor prefers to use another method to reduce the cost (vertical drain is the most expensive method).

The meeting continues for quite some time before we decide to stop. Still many things need to pursue before we come back to college. We went for sightseeing as it’s hard to have another chance to travel in Melaka and Afiq needs to take his Mara agreement form at Tampin. The journey takes time and we have to move early.

At first, Mr. fadhil couldn’t hand us the data because he has to find it first, but someone (Nordin’s friend) has something that we wanted so badly. Well, we were not going back with nothing; at least, still have a few data that we able to obtain and will be processed later.

On the way back, we have stop by at Afiq's for quick break. We left Afiq's and went to Ampangan after someone is planning to eat "roti john". I could say that it is the delicious "roti john" i ever eat. Even it's quite expensive compare than usual "roti john" that easily to find, but I'm very satisfied. It was the great dine and I can't wait to have another go :)

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