Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love my "Superbike"

It's been a quite sometime I didn't get my "superbike" clean. Finally, today is a good day and suitable moment to get rid all messy things that overwhelming my bike as I could feel it is in extremely miserable condition now. Almost every day since early mid of February the rain was coming down and I couldn't find the best chance to clean up my "superbike".

Well, I planned to wash my bike together - gather with afiq in Mantin. I'm the one who advocate for this since a few couple of weeks ago, but time is always against us and have to adjourn from time to time. Plus, raining day didn't makes thing any better.

Just evening, we went to Mantin with the sole intention to find any car wash there. We already know about the certain car wash available. Unfortunately, most of the car wash is full with cars and we decide to find another place. Finally we find it and let the workers to do their part.

washing in progress

*After few minutes waiting, the bike is ready to ride*

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