Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick updates...

I'm in Aladdin cybercafe which is inside the Terminal 1 shopping center, around the retail shop facade and I've no idea which level. I'm trying to kill my free time while waiting for my bus to depart to Johor. So, I'm directly blogging in this cybercafe :)

Oh shit, I lost in thousands words now...think kamarul...think kamarul..ok, i'll make this simple:
  1. I was oversleep this morning until my housemate woke me up at 10 a.m by knocking the door and try to pull the knob.
  2. But, the door wasn't open as I forget to unlock before I sleep in the night. So, he knocks harder.
  3. Reach to the Terminal 1 at 11.30 a.m and without wasting times, I'm looking for the ticket to Batu Pahat.
  4. Unfortunately, the latest bus was departed at 10.30 a.m and I've no option except to buy the ticket for 2.30 p.m as shown in the bus traveling scheduled.
  5. I got 3 hours time gap without any plan and here i go, I'm in Aladdin cybercafe for killing boring time.
  6. Gaming and Chatting as the main objective followed by games and navigating a few websites.
Many things happen since Friday and I'm not going to elaborate more as I have too limited time here. In Friday evening, I got a phone call from EF (Education Facilitator) that MARA agreement has been arrived and I've to fill all the form. So many blanks space need to be filled make my wrist in painful. Plus, I've to go back to my home town again after just a week in college. So, what I'm going to do now is, i need to make a few photocopy of my parents identification details, account's book and the most important part is, all the photocopy sheets must be recognized first before i could attach to the form. That's compulsory and I'm going to surprised my family once they see me.

On the Saturday night, the big match was held between Mu against Liverpool. This is the game that everyone couldn't miss especially the fans of MU and Lpool. But finally, as everyone know, Mu lost the game with many goals after defeated by 4 goals to a goal. So embarrassing result from the Old Trafford make MU's fan depressed. Plus, mocking by the Lpool's fan make the circumstances worst. Once again my ear's full with annoying voice. I never think Sir Alex is on pressure now because Mu is still in the line to the victory. If anyone ask me :

"Marul, are you going to change your direction to Liverpool?"..and I'll reply,"I'm still remain as Mu fan, win or loose, red devil is always in my heart as long as my cardiovascular able to pump up my blood". Full stop

The game was an absolutely breathtaking in the early. MU got a first goal by penalty kick after Park was stumbled down against Reina challenged. Vidic just not perform well in that night where he unable to stop Torres from score the equalizer. Thing is getting worst after Gerard stumbled inside the MU's penalty box cause by the vital tackle from Evra. Sir Alex do a few changes and use all substitutions he could have to change the set of formation for more attacking style. Nothing good is happening as he hopes where Vidic was send off by the referee after his reckless pressure against Gerard. From this moment, Lpool is on fire where they increase the goals from 2 to 4 goals in 90 minutes match.

Later that night, my friends and I plan to do some Mathematical problem that we got yesterday. we just start the new topic where it is more challenging than any other topic before. we plan to go to McD. The main reason why we choose this place is because there's no time boundaries so that we could able to find out all the solution tranquilly and not under pressure.

*Time is ticking quickly and I've to go now. The bus is waiting and I'll updates later. The journey begins*

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