Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is the best thing you have ever bought during the Pc fair?

Some paragraph is not relevant to the title itself, yet, still help you to learn something new in order to proceed your daily basis or even your social activity.

Well, finally my hard disk is full and need to look for a new one as soon as possible. This time, I'm looking for 500 gigabyte for sure as the price is slightly cheaper nowadays. If possible, i would like to have 1 tera but depends on the price whether it's logic or not.

Currently, my CPU has internal storage device with capacity exactly 240 gigabyte stored in and the space is still not enough. It's full with videos, songs, movies, tons of pictures, assignments and miscellaneous stuff. So, any unnecessary data is going to be deleted in order to find more free space so that my processor able to run freely. I'll do afterwards once I'm free

Seems that my storage device hunting is way easy more than I expected. That what was I guess initially once I saw the banner advertised about the PC fair in my college starting on 16th March continuously until 18th March. Unfortunately, thing's not happen as i wish.

When we talk about PC fair, our mind will generate an ideas related to the electronic gadgets, it must be full with booth that selling their things, their hardware and mostly about the computer's part. But here, I'm just can't to stop laughing during writing this post.

From my point of view, I could say that some commodities are relate enough to computer's stuff but not at all. Some stuff is nothing to do with computers. Plus, only a few booth is open for run their business and it's clearly that this PC fair is not like what everyone's really wanted so badly. Not many person or alliance involved and took part can support my statement. I wonder if this event could be the yearly activity.

I thought this PC fair would help me out in overcome my problem but its pointless. The price is way expensive compare to the market price. They might think that this would be profitable by using the "PC fair" good name. This could be a good platform for those who think they can expand their business but not for the greedy. Hope they didn't misjudge this.

In my case, I'm asking about the internal hard disk with capacity of 500 gigabyte or 1 tera if possible towards the seller and he replies, "oh sorry, there are no such thing in our store". Then he shows us the another brand new hard disc and from there I could know that he never do a research about the price. So, have to wait again till another day for my storage device hunting.

I'm screw up. The assignment submission date is fortnight ahead and the progress is damn slow and almost nothing. So, gotta do something. Fully quoted from any related website if possible and to whom it may concern, could you make an extension regarding the date please?. Perhaps u say "ok" and I'll buy you lunch set :)

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