Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reality is sucks

Internet connection was disconnected since two days ago and it's well functioned like the way it used to be now. It just took a few hours time (almost 2 days) but enough to pissed everyone. All activities were interrupted and need to delay until the connection to recover back and consequently, got a bunch of works at the same time will irritating everyone's head.

Same thing goes to me, I couldn't online my messenger, couldn't open any web page while I need them, can't search any information that required and so on. This is uncommon situation for me who always used the network as my good resources. Hopefully, it's not happen while I'm trying to complete my assignment at last minute time where the due date is almost over.

My sanity is suddenly break down where I need to be alone for a while. Maybe I'm over stressed due to a few problems. I have to find some space to relax and stay out from any mundane affairs. I'll be fine soon. Its just happen once in a while where your mind and inner are pushing over the limits. Got so many problems now and the major part are from Engineering math, few electronic gadgets are not working properly and Fluid. Those problems didn't make things any better except worst.

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