Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sate Kajang :)

Went to Kajang last night with a few members and moved out from the accommodation surveillance's gateway promptly at 10 o'clock in the night (it's not promptly at 10, its 10 something, around 10.20 or 10.30 in the night). we moved by two cars which are belonging to syabiz and epool, we decide to stop by at pekan Mantin to settle down some fundamental business. Draw some money and filled the car's tank with sufficient gas before we move straight to Sate Kajang Haji Samuri.

There was no traffic jammed along the way and also, the road wasn't congested like during the peak hour time makes our journey was really smooth until the location. The place is located near by to the Stadium and the distance is not too far from our accommodation. It just about 20 to 25 km (based on my calculation) and it takes only 20 - 30 minutes (based on my assumption) but still depends on the road situation, condition and the car's acceleration.

Reach out to the venue at 11 o'clock, I can say that the place was just fine where it's not too crowded (it wasn't a public holiday). Without wasting any seconds, we make an order follow everyone's appetite and desire. I managed for not take any foods since the evening so that I could enjoy myself the taste of greatest foods there. Clearly I'm starving like a hell.

After a short time of waiting, sate was served and ready to eat. obviously, i eat until my mouth unable to digest the meals. After all, my stomach has a limited size and cannot sustain the meal anymore after reach over the capability. The taste was great and it start to stimulate everyone's appetite. There is a minor different regarding the price for each sate where it is more expensive than before but it still affordable. The management and hospitality also stunning, absolutely stunning.

its time to go back after spending almost two hours there with eating and chatting. on the way back, we decide to make a stop by and stroll around the Metro Kajang area. we just want to observe the transvestite people for fun and it didn't take long. few times were passed, we were crawly move back to d apartment through the dark night.

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