Monday, March 9, 2009

I never know live is so fabulous

Three days duration is almost over exactly in 12 hours remaining and I'm arrived in this college just now. Feeling a bit tired after ride my bike since 7 o’clock until 10.30 o’clock in the morning and somehow, I’m getting relief after I could see my room.

Reminiscing the past two days when I was in BP, nothing much I can do except dedicating myself on my auntie’s wedding. Everyone was busy preparing the events including my whole families, friends and also the villagers (no wonder why everyone was so busy, we live in the same residential area where everyone need to work as a team to ensure my auntie’s wedding is perfectly successful).

Well, even the situation couldn’t be as I wish in the early, I’m still satisfied with a few things that I tough it possibly not going to happen. It’s probably a goodness that was granted by the god to me as replies of something that I couldn’t get from him before.

Things that I wish I could do:

  1. Able to see FAEZA (who’s FAEZA????)
  2. Eat Keropok lekor nearest to the shore
  3. Visit some old friends while all of them are on leave (probably Ridwan, and Izwan)
  4. Play Sepak Takraw with some expert people
  5. Jalan – jalan batu pahat
  6. Watch movies (I never went to cinema since last year and the last movie I watch err…..i just can’t recall)
  7. Do some revision (the possibility is low)
  8. Menyapu sampah (the possibility is very low)
  9. Lap tingkap (the possibility is ZERO)
Things that I did along the past two days (completely different with the initial plan):
  1. Fetch my younger sister from her tuition classes
  2. Guard my house while everyone’s away to somewhere only they know. (I was strictly prohibited to left my house…hek eleh…..)
  3. Give a big amount of energy and favor during my auntie’s wedding in progressed (serious shit).
  4. Wherever I have time to relax, I’ll fall asleep as long as no one tends to wake me up.
Few pictures that I'm able to snap while everyone didn't aware of my cheap camera is about to appear:

washing all plates that were used by all guests

some people tend to sit and have a cit cat. i consider them as "orang lamo"

dry out the plates

team work + team spirit. (chey~wah)

nasi is about to serve

budak - budak basuh cawan. kerja senang jer tu

I've no idea how come this guy aware of my camera but he got a style.

jenuh ler nak membasuh!!!!

I'm fine with both kids but not the guy with the stripe's shirt, he just skipped away from his duty. Bad boy

periuk - periuk ni mahal harganya

*no caption's available here*

"My responsibility is to do all inspections and ensure all works are progressing well"
(aku tipu)

The way how this people served all foods in any big events such as a wedding ceremony are still the same since the ancient time. Nowadays, they still follow the tradition and let it lives alongside their life, same thing what the ancestors did. Nothing much is changing. Since I was a kid, only a few things were changed after they think it is necessary follow the time revolving.

I do reckoning, after all, this is a better way to maintain this tradition from disappeared and at the same time, it will create and develop a prosperity and peaceful life among the tribe.

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