Monday, March 16, 2009

the journey ends ~ part 2

Monday morning, the start of a new week and many dread to get themselves back to work after a relaxing weekend or Sunday. but, I'm not relaxing during my weekend day. oooo great!!!!

Arrive to my house 10 minutes past over 7 p.m. and I entered from the back door make my whole family members get surprised (except my father, he’s not around and went to Surau). Telling them what exactly happen, my mum collect all documents required before I off for photocopy session. At the same time, I show her a few parts that must have to be signed. If one sign is missing, I probably miss the contract. Perhaps, it’s not going to happen la kan. The form isn't complete on that way, still many things need to fill down but I’ll do the rest later.

Time goes by very fast and I don't have a time for break until the midnight. After everything is complete, I went to sleep right away so that I could wake up on the next following morning. Just a blink of eyes, it was a Monday morning and I’ve to rush and catch my shuttle bus. So, mathematically, I was in my home for only 13 or 14 hours and I don’t have time to rest sufficiently after my energy is working out more than usual.

This time, the bus station is not crowded like yesterday. It’s easy for me to walk everywhere without problems. Search for my ticket center and got an early ticket at 9.30 am is a good start today because I’ve a class in the evening. The bus seems pretty interesting where it is a new bus and the driver just push the acceleration's trigger to travel, no more gears to change, no more time to waste, and no more annoying momentum. I absolutely love it :)

After 4 hours in the way including from Seremban to Mantin, finally I was reached in this college safely. Give a phone call to my friend so that he could fetch me at the junction and after few minutes time through a few situations, I could see my room at last.

Enough for this time and I think this is a long babbling. I should stop here because my tummy is suffering. I’m starving and will grab my dine set now.

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