Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Geo is still in the line..cao!!!!!!

For two days in a row starting from Tuesday and the day after, All the UEL students will not have classes as all lecturers are having a camp regarding to the Master Program that will be start in a few months ahead. Well, as everyone aware, this college is starting to develop their standard so that they will attract the people around to join this college. Well, it's looking so profitable to Mr Ooi. Isn't it?

Well, as everyone compromised, all my group members are willing to assemble in the library this morning. It is regarding to the slide show that will be present on this upcoming Thursday. Not to forget, one of the discussion agenda is also talking about the models. For gua, Afiq and Hafis, we are greatly busy within these two days (REALLY BUSY????, well, it's not that serious la). Morning session was finished and we continue in the night. We are in hurry!!!!

what's the models are all about?

These models are about a few layers of soil which are filled with water (saturated soil) and what are we going to do afterwards, we will show to the panel how the Preloading and Surcharging method will help to unsaturated the soil. I pray things will happen as I hope especially for the models.

Despite my report has been submitted, suddenly I've spot a few part that was totally wrong. I just give the wrong ideas inside the report and wish I could do some amendment. Hope Dr. Rasul will allow me so that I'll not worry anymore when I'm thinking the result. Actually, I start to aware this problem when I had a talk with my group members during the presentation's discussion and hope things will be overcome soon even I know that I'm a little bit late for that.

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