Thursday, March 5, 2009

i wish life was as nice as it used to be :)

There is Pasar Malam in this college yesterday. As usual, I went there with few friends to buy some foods for dinner. Everyone is not stingy or even cheapskate. The sole motivation of us painstakingly to spend our money is because we were starving. Even the smells from the surrounding have stimulated our appetite.

There’s a loads of food available in front of us and we couldn’t resist the temptation but we were unable to finish all. Everyone’s full and no more space in our tummy is available. For the balance, we take away and keep it in the freeze so that we could finish it later. I’m still wondering, what happen to my biological cells? I do eat many sets of heavy meal so that I could be able to gain more weight, but the result is pointless and hopeless.

Night wasn’t over in that way, at 10 p.m. my friends and I have a futsal invitation for friendly match at Seremban. This match didn’t please me because my stomach is still full with variable types of foods. If I know things will happen like this, I’m very sure that I’ll reject the invitation in the first place. During the match, we were never serious even we were against the team that we never know where are they come from (They are totally strangers for me).

we realize that we are playing with the very experienced team. They play with very tactical formation and most of them are very skillful. Compare to our team, we just a beginner and rare to play futsal. Most of us are into Rugby, Takraw and etc. but the best things is, we were not under pressure instead I can see the opponent team is quite stress with the way we played. We just enjoy and never dream to win over the game. Plus, a few members from our team have a fever.

Non-stop play for an hour is really making me suffered. It force my hearts to pump the bloods rapidly way from it supposed to be. Once the match finish, we take a short break for a couple minutes before we decide to play table tennis. I prefer to play table tennis rather than a futsal. Futsal is killing the hell out of me. No extra charge for the table tennis makes me more enthusiastic on it. After a couple of minutes, we heading back to the way we came from.

Mu is on fire. This club is leading the EPL League after winning over Newcastle by scores 2 – 1 in Thursday early morning. I missed the match but it doesn’t matter for me as long as they keep winning.

Class was started on 8 o’clock in the morning while I was still awake at 2.30 a.m. in Thursday morning. Luckily, I was able to wake up to attend the class even my body is very exhausted after friendly match last night.

Obviously, I’ve been busy in every night that full with unnecessary activities; I should reduce these unnecessary activities and spend more time for books. Probably, my pop will lose his temper once he finds out (impossible, Encik Nordin is more tolerable and understanding now, he is getting older). Everyone's getting ready for the future while I'm still stuck in the present.

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