Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wise in spending

I realize that I’m losing loads of money recently while I’m happy to spend it. The money is flow out like water through along the pipeline once the hose is open. So, what I’m going to do now is to trace back the money so that I could be able to see the outcome in each investment and expenditure I did. Some people do reckon the money wouldn’t be refundable but it still useful as a reference to the next expenditure. I’ll start to do the money trackbacks.

Most people usually have monthly tracking of their expenditure based on their income whether side income or regular income. Some people also do in weekly due to the budget they have. But for me, I did both weekly and monthly depend on the usage that I have to spend during my Diploma days. The plan helps me to make sure that I’m still within the budget (for real, sometimes it went over the budget). But since for the past few months, I never do any trackbacks as I’m spending my money so freely.

For starting, I’ll do a weekly tracking because I think it's easier on that way, at least then I’ll know precisely how much that I can spend weekly rather than monthly (if monthly tracking, there are so many days to count which at the end of the month, I believe it must be over the budget. Isn’t it?).

So, to train myself to be wiser in spending, I’ll jot down my expenditure during my recent holiday as inception in shortly. It’s absurd for me to do the trackback starting from a couple months back. Meaning, there are so many purchases I was made and I can’t remember each one of it. I’ll avoid from buy any unnecessary stuff for sure. Not for being stingy or miserly but I’m learning to save money for future. Maybe for further education, any emergency case, get married :), for fancy cars and massive bungalow.

Back to calculation and equation *sigh* (eng. Math sucks!!)

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