Friday, March 13, 2009

Bengong punyer cerita!!! cao!!!!

I just got back from a movie trip with a few classmates in Seremban where the movie’s title is Dragon ball Evolution (DBE). Honestly, It’s a really suck movie I ever watch. What do I mean here is, the rumors claimed that this movie will going to be the best selling in worldwide once it release out as everyone eager to watch. It’s pretty good that this anime is finally being made into a movie but finally, it disappointing everyone. It just embarrassing you and make yourself look really dump and ridiculously stupid. Do you? What the fish!!!

Some people are complaining about the unclear story line, casting and what so ever and most of them are from the DBZ fans. But for me, all parts are just flopped the movie and no one is expecting the outcome will be worst like this. Anyways, I’m noticed a few parts that make me so pissed off even I’m not obsessed on DBZ. The parts are:

The favorite character is always GOKU and yet letting a kid that not even an Asian to play the role of GOKU is just not right.

BULMA with black hair and she can't even fight. That's not natural.

The next worst part is PICCOLO. He looks horrid.

The origin GOKU isn't from the earth and we all know that.

The ending is not thrilled enough and something is missing.

It might be a bit too annoying to watch in the first place but I was in the line to watch it. Well, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not going to judge something without seeing it first. After all, the title is DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION and not DRAGONBALL Z. For better expression, take a quick tour on related website and explore by yourself my friends

And for the last but not least, to all Level 3 students, good luck for your presentation and all the best. Apa yang penting?....kerjasama......


Muiz said...

bes ke tgk cerita ni marul? cam mengarut je. Bukan betul pun...hhuhu


x best giler....

klau orang yg tgk anime dbz , mesti diorang ckp movie ni x best.

tp kalo orang x tgk anime DBZ ni dulu, mesti diorang ckp best sebab diorang tak tahu DBZ yg sebenar