Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what ever!!!

And again, I still keep doing the same mistake even I know that I'm not suppose to repeat this in so many times. Just morning, I came late for Mr. Dian class because of overslept. It's not about 10 minutes time or 20 minutes passed over 8 a.m, I just make it more than 45 minutes late. As usual, I'm not alone at that moment and few friends were accompanying me together and come inside the hall through the front door. Normally, in other lecturer's class, we used to take the back door if we accidentally came late but this is Mr Dian class, no one is brave enough to against his laws.

Obviously, the lectures was already started and we were just disrupting the class by came inside without feel any guilty. All eyes were keep on us and Mr. Dian has a freaking face once he saw us. Then, he asked me right away about the reason for being late. Initially, I was nervous and a little bit confuse to pick up the concrete reasons and you could imagine how clumsy I was when I have to confront with him directly face to face back there. Well, on the situation like that, my brain wasn't working on it's best and the timing is just not right to defend myself . I've no option except to tell him the truth. "yes sir, I was overslept this morning". I told him on that way and he was sneering at me and said something offensive as his replies due to my answer. Well, seems that I have to set my sleep time again starting from tomorrow onwards. (seriously, thing's not that bad actually, he was in the good mood and not angry at all. thanks god)

The unfortunately fate is slightly changing to something even better during the evening. Yesterday, I absent for Hydraulic class and today Mdm Hema allowed me to sign my attendance for that class. I'm just a little bit lucky once I'm just gambling to ask her permission about to sign in my attendance for yesterday class and she spontaneously replies "ok fine, sign it now but this is the last chance I could give to you, no more after this". Well, please do not misunderstanding this issue, this is not a privilege from her to a few students from the class, it's just the way you implore in order to get something. I have to clear this or things will be worse when somebody got envy. Clearly, I did a stunning job and probably my decent behavior indirectly grants me that. who knows? hahaha, poyo giler gua!!!

Hydraulics report is still in progressed and the time is keep ticking faster and faster. I'm rushing now in order to complete all tasks right in time and as the due date is tomorrow. Well, ironically, I'm still wasting my time for blogging here. I'm better hurry (*sigh*)

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