Monday, April 27, 2009

Bahrain GP and Geo class

Bahrain GP analysis:
  1. Congratulation goes to Jenson Button after he able to end the race in the pole position for the 3rd time in this season.
  2. The young German, Vettel down in P2 and failed to retain his winning during the China GP last week. Even so, he showed a remarkable performance and the commentator was reckoning for the bright future on Vettel carrier.
  3. Trulli unable to keep his position as a race leader starting from the beginning after Button and Vettel took over the leading during his pit stop. He ended the GP in the 3rd place.
  4. Hamilton was showing a significant improvement for Mclaren after occupied the 4th place. He was struggling to pass Trulli and tailing the Italian driver in many laps but still, he failed till the end.
  5. The 2nd driver of Brawn GP team, Barrichello just able to place himself in the 5th place and contribute a few points for the team. He still be one of the competitive driver after keep to put pressures on the other drivers.
  6. Ferrari team able to obtain a few championship points through the 6th place of their driver, Raikkonen.
  7. The using of KERS system was helping a few drivers to defend their position somehow. The kinetic energy will be transferred to the extra power and boost the engine performance to the maximum level after they pass every hairpin to generate more pick- up.
  8. Poor performance from Massa due to the failure of KERS system and unable to get the maximum benefit from the system. The engineer claims for the Electronic system which is connected to the KERS was not working.
  9. Both BMW cars were showing the worst appearance and as one of the supporters, I'm so disappointed due to the embarrassing performance. The nightmare continues for BMW team.
  10. Since the beginning, this GP was absolutely exciting when there was a smoke floating into the air due the breaking tires of the cars once it through the first hairpin. Rear and front wings were flying away and it's a sign of the crashed.
  11. The commentator said, "it's good to see new faces and teams in the podium where this is the beginning of the transformation in F1 world". I'm agreed with him if BMW able to stand proudly in the podium.
Today classes were progressing as usual except the Geo - mechanics where Dr Fathoni took his turns to give the explanation about the Geo camp. This is the last preparation to ensure that we are fully ready for this camp. He was highlighting the using of compass in order to measure something that I'm not really sure. Well, it takes a while for me to warm up and perhaps, I could conduct this stuff very well during the field work later.

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