Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm going to rock on my PC!!!

I'm looking forward for something since late year 2008 and it's finally successful to achieve. I just got back from KL Convention Center where the Pc Fair is on progressed for 3 days in a row. The eagerness is suddenly stopped when I could grab two items from there after I sacrifice some amount of money. Well, it's nothing to me compare the service that I could get from those items. I was spurred on by my 240 gigabytes hard disc where it's full already and no more space even at least a gigabyte. Even to paste some movies on the existing partitions, I have to erase any unnecessary files first before I could enjoy the story.

Two items that I mention above are 640 gigabytes internal hard disc and 4 gigabytes Kingston thumb drive which cost me around 240 Ringgit and my priority goes to find the internal hard disc. Initially, it's quite hard to find the internal hard disc because they hide and didn't reveal this kind of storage device to the public and some of them were not selling it. Even the promoters were prefer to promote the external hard disc to the people around, maybe because of the price is more expensive that Internal hard disc. So, I keep browsing all exhibition halls and not missed even a single level just for hunting my hard disc and finally I found it. With helps from someone, I bought this Internal hard disc as he recommends me to choose the item based on a few good features as shown below:
  1. With capacity of 649 gigabytes memories
  2. 16 Megabyte of data transfer rate
  3. The price is just 210 Ringgit
  4. 3 years warranty of time period
  5. Product by western Digital
Obviously, this is a new experience to me and everyone knows that we learn something new every day. Well I'm going to share this new experience with the readers out there and surely, this will be a long article if I decide to write and put everything here. Thus, I've to skip some parts and simplify the articles if I have no option.

  1. I decide to go to Pc fair with some classmates of mine and all of them are Chinese and I'm the only Malay. Some friends were not coming due to their financial matters and I'm so desperate to buy a Hard disc. I've no choice except to join this group.
  2. So, the total of us are 6 person and the things that amusing me was, we were wearing a different types of shoes but the fundamental colored are same. We were wearing a white shoes (Ini pon gua nak cerita ke?)
  3. We were standing in the train from Batang Benar until we reached over to Kl Central. All seats were full and to kill some boring, we have a talk and most of the topics are about girls. Sometimes we changed to a divine topic and we just want to share the basic knowledge.
  4. Inside the Pc fair, the place was already crowded with people. it's quite hard to survey the items all around the facade and everyone was moving crawly. Some people decide to stop in the middle just want to hear the explanation from the promoter. Such a nuisance.
  5. I was surprised when one of my friend mention that this is not a fantastic Pc fair. According to him, nothing much is interesting here even in term of the price and the product itself. Compare to previous Pc fair back in year 2008, it was much better than this year. (He used to be in Pc fair in so many times)
  6. Few hours time passed away and everyone got their stuff, We were planning for strolling around the KLCC and try to discover the uniqueness of this twin towers, the Malaysian's proud of building. The exploration makes my legs were freaking numb. SHIT!
  7. Associate with those Chinese guys are not a big matter for me as I could understand some English and Malay language. Even sometime they have an argument towards anything by using Chinese, they still informed and translated every single word to me even it seems insignificant.
  8. I lost almost 40 Ringgits just for foods and transportation but I don't mind as long as I got what I'm looking for.
  9. Both of my legs start to pain out even sometimes I took a rest for a while and it's not make things any better. I was walking and standing too long I suspect.
  10. On the way back. we still took a train and we were quite lucky because we able to occupied the seats provided. Well, I could feel a little bit of relieved once I put my ass down to the seat.

Just a few words are going to explain a simple facts from yesterday class. It was an Engineering Math which is conducted by Mr Johny. For yesterday class, he required everyone to bring a lappy as he wants to teach us in how to do some mathematical application in Excel. Well, it's quite benefit for those who have a lap top but different thing goes for those who is using a PC. This case is suddenly turning out my desire to have a lap top and this it's really benefit to me when I'm going to undergo my Final project in next semester. Should I have one now?

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