Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Excel - the new problem

Eng. Math has push me to start working with Windows Excel this week as it's required me to solve some questions by using Excel application. This assignment is not tough at all compare to others for this semester, but it such a complicated thing to solve all of them by using Excel.

The implementation for this assignment is something like this where I have a mathematical problem and I have to solve it in two different ways which are by using the manual and the other one is by using Excel. Once I done both ways, I have to explain the step by step techniques related to the commands that have been used and I need to produce two problems in the assignment as well. So, that will be a problem for me as I'm not used to work with excel. yet, I'm really enjoyed in learn this sort of application and this might be useful during my working time.

In order to explore deeper in Excel application, I've to go back to the basic and start to memorize some simple commands and equation. It's quite hard initially to learn but I'm getting familiar with the symbol and any basic button where applicable. I just give a try in every application and from there it'll reveal the actual function for the button itself. Honestly, I never used Excel in any term before as the consumption wasn't enhanced during my past studies.

Thanks to all my friends who are willing to spend their time and guide me in how to deal with Excel.


[t E h t A r I Q] said...

welcome to the excel world..Once you're comfortable with it,it will help u a lot buddy..gud luck..



yeah u r totally right... i could do some calculation now but still, some errors happen. it takes me a while to warm up on Excel so that i cud bear with it afterward...should be more alert la.. huhuh..

tiram said...

i hate excel.end.and c++ too


ahahah....i sacrifice my sleep for 2 days in a row, just wanna complete 2 questions...i'm not sure whether the questions are too tough or i'm too slow...huhuh