Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Change our mind set for the sake of Dian's class.

Yesterday morning, Mr. dean was in our class once I entered the hall through the back entrance door. This is not the first time for Mr. Dean to enter our class, but this time, he came in with the different purpose which is to take over our former lecturer's job that has resigned recently. He came early today promptly at 8 o'clock in the morning to continue the Geo subject that was left by Dr Rasool as he wants to get rid all his problems and ran to INDIA.

I came late yesterday around 15 minutes passed over 8 o'clock in the morning and I was a little bit shocked once I saw him, standing in the front of the hall and setting out his lappy. Initially, I tough this class will be delayed until the management finds the right person that capable enough to teach us and I never expected that Mr Dean will take that position. well, the rumor that Mr Dian will teach us is just an absolutely right.

At first, I manage myself to attend the class just for dig more information regarding Dr Rasool but lastly, I have to attend the measurable class of Mr Dian. Well, only that issue has painstaking me to attend the class yesterday morning and I never intent to raise any input of knowledge, seriously. It's fine for me as I could bear with it and able to gradually adapted this situation from time to time.

Few facts that were happen in the first Mr. Dian's class:
  1. Most of the students were coming late as they know the lecturer for this subject is no longer in Malaysia
  2. Mr Dian gave an excuses as he concerned for the late students and he warned us for not be late in the next class. If we still couldn't make it, he wants us to give a concrete reason for being late.
  3. Before he started his lecture, he was briefing about what actually happen to Dr Rasool but all related facts from him are really suspicious. Plus, he mentioned that some information are not for student's consumption. well, what does he means actually?
  4. Still, he tried to hide something as he told us that Dr Rasool has a family matter in India due to his emergency resignation. (Is he too desperate until he has to resign? Why he didn't take a few days leave instead?)
  5. Everyone was giving their full attention as they scared to Mr Dian from raise up his voice, shouting to the students and asks for silence. This is an abnormal situation.
  6. Mr Dian gave a short briefing regarding to our upcoming Geo camp that will be held in early May. The venue is in Bandar Muazzam and I don't know where the exact location is. According to my classmate, this place is a rural area where it's way far from the town.
  7. Lucky for our seniors after they had a fantastic place for their Geo camp last year where the place is all around Langkawi Islands. Obviously, it's quite impossible to us to do our Geo camp over there due to the big numbers of students from Year 2 Sem A batch. It's hard for the lecturers to monitor us later. So, poor me.
  8. Before he went further on Geo camp's explanation, he starts to tell us about his experiences and his education backgrounds. This is not the first, not the second, or even the third but more than five times he re-phrases the same thing. We as seniors are not quite interested, but most of my juniors were really concentrate on him especially the international students. (Senior la sangat!)
We form 6 groups for our upcoming Geo camp and each group indicates 9 or 10 students. Well, I'm not going to elaborate more about others group but I just want to emphasize mine. The situation goes like this, I have 10 members in my group and 6 of them are from the international students and the rest are from the local including me. As you could see, the majority is coming from the International students. I'm not being a racist here and I just want to share the problem that possibly to happen where, I'm surely will facing a big complication later once the Geo camp is in progressed. How do I know? After all, I used to work with them during my Surveying camp in the previous semester.

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