Thursday, April 9, 2009


I woke up in an early morning so that I could catch up a few football matches which are taking place for the UEFA champion's league campaign. Football fever is simply exciting after the UEFA Champion's league has continues their quarter final action on last two nights in a row. There are 8 giant teams still remain as a challenger to each other and participated in order to ensure the UEFA trophy back to their home stadium. A tough task goes to united where they have to defend their current title and the trophy as well after they grab both on the last season. Most of the teams are very tremendous strong and has a big names all around the world especially in Europe.

Well, I'm not going to elaborate all recent matches even I was watching most of the game. Normally, I prefer to give any statement based on my observation where necessary and for those who are not pleased with it, I hope that you just skip this and move to another post so that you can't start to provoke me. Yet, you are still allowed to post some comment if you tend to do so and please jot it down in any section where applicable. Thus, everything is utterly Manchester United here.

It's hard to describe how despaired I was yesterday after United just able to draw against Porto even they played in their home stadium. All I can say is, they wasted the precious chance as they played in Old Trafford and didn't take the full benefit from it. Indeed, it's quite tough for United to survive in Porto for the second leg in next week and they have to win whatever it takes. Bribery is one of the ways that I'm recommending here.

Well, that wasn't United's day while I extremely convinced United would easily win. As a common fan, I spotted a few drawbacks to the set of formation and shortcomings from the player's line up:
  1. United defenders were easily lose their marking, so, Porto's players were freely moved to anywhere.
  2. Every passing ball was not millimeter perfect while Porto's player played well.
  3. Every crossing ball they made was always denied by the Porto's defender.
  4. United's player wasn't concentrate on their commitment while Porto's players were busy to defend their goal posts.
  5. No vicious pressure was made by United's player and as a result, Porto attacks the United's territory more often.
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