Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the hydraulics report went off from the line.

Well, on this post, I'm not going to tell anything except my hydraulics assignment. I'm going to reveal the assignment's flow starting from the beginning until I reach to the full stop. The story is telling about the way I gather the data in order to calculate the coefficient of discharge, the things that I contribute in my team to boost the team spirit, the way I'm pampered myself and do nothing for all calculation and being stupid for some reason. Everything will be recite here as I dedicate this blog to express out my sanity thinking and feeling.

Indeed, I'm such a quite lucky person after Mdm Hema placed me in the group that always:
  1. Enhancing their responsibility towards their study.
  2. They'll put all effort they have to find the solution and expand the knowledge to the maximum level.
  3. Every note they bought will stay along with them so that they could refer on it when they have to.
  4. All written notes in the white board will be available 100 percent similar on their notes. They rare to miss any important part of it.
  5. They were sitting in the forefront row just want to get the clear message from the lecturer.
  6. Then, they'll be the first persons who will grab the data once it transfer out from the mouth and come across into their ears before it's proceeding to the mind and memorize it.
  7. They work really fast and no wonder they done all calculations early
A week before the submission date, I was asking all the group members and advocate for a discussion related to the hydraulics lab report. I was surprised when they mention that everything are almost done and decide for not to agree with my suggestion. Without the compromise, there's nothing I can do except try to dig more about the data from them. So, I've to approach those people in a good way to have all the data and make some photocopy for sure.

At first, the enthusiasm to do the assignment is very strong when all data were in my grasp but suddenly the desire is gradually stay away from me. The intention has switch the direction to something that has a nice little diversion from the real world. It's coming back after the pressure start to flare up on me when all my classmates were busy by completing their reports.

Since yesterday evening, I was searching and browsing all related facts to attach inside my reports and everything is looking good even I just randomly click on any related websites. Every click I made has produce a proper material and I'm sure every single facts available are able to tickle the lecture's heart. After quoted the main point, I have to make an arrangement of all data and transfer it to the word file. The report must be indicate with the proper assignment outline so that the lecturer could see the data flow smoothly and easy to understand. Once the lecturer got the messages that I'm trying to present, the lecturer will grant me a high mark and of course it's a first class grade. Well, I'm expecting too much here.

The report is not over on that way, since from the twilight, I have to stay up and spent my all night long in calculation. Even, I already have the full set of complete calculation, but I just want to check it all over again and at the same time, I could practice something toward the calculation that I missed. To copy down it back on the plain A4 paper with tiny numbers and symbols just make my wrist a little bit unwell and it start to mess up the papers somehow. This problem is continuing until the dawn shows up.

On the next following morning, the calculations are almost done but is still not finish yet. Within a few hours, the theory is ready to print out and the calculation is ready to attach before binding. In order to finish up this assignment, I have to sacrifice my sleep time today and didn't come to the class for the whole day. Seems that I didn't come to the class more often this week and surely I'll have a big problem with my attendance if I keep choose for absent. All this happen due to the last minute work and I'm a last minute person that never take any lesson from it.

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