Saturday, April 25, 2009

hydro and bahrain gp

I start to do my hydraulics assignment today with some prudent people from my class and it was fruity when we covered most of the task. This assignment is not a theory but fully calculation except for both introduction and conclusion where I have to produce based on my understanding. Actually, this is something like a group discussion that was held in SI 03 (most of the students here labeled this room as "study room") and they rendezvoused there promptly on 2.30 p.m. I was coming a little bit late and joining them afterward until 6 p.m.

From the 3 hours of discussion and sometime we used to have a little diversion alternately, I could say that this is the lucrative meeting where I could solve 3 questions while my friends able to solve another 4 questions. Clearly, we yielded the solution for 7 problems from 10 problems stated in the brief. Perhaps, we will continue to work on another 3 remaining problems later.

This week is the 4th round of F1 GP and this time Bahrain circuit will hear the soar and roar of the powerful F1 machines. Not like other nation, the temperature here is much hotter and it could be the greatest rival for every driver. Since from the qualifying session today, I could see all drivers were sweating out and they use all techniques to decrease the heat. As everyone knows, Bahrain is folded by a dessert for almost of their ground, a little bit stormy and dusty. A few basics info from the qualifying session:
  1. Surprisingly, Toyota occupied the 1 -2 position and will start in the forefront grid.
  2. The commentator suspects the Toyota team probably carried a low fuel during the last qualifying lap.
  3. Vettel was the quickest driver on the track for Q1 and Q2 but unable to hold the P1 in the Q3 after Both Toyota drivers set the fastest lap.
  4. Disappointment from the BMW team after both of the drivers unable to place themselves in the top 10 position.
I'm supporting the BMW team and so eager for them to do something significant changes to the team. I'm craving to see this team to lead either the driver championship or constructor championship in this year even I know it's quite hard for them to make it real.

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