Saturday, April 18, 2009

brand new assignments and Chinese gp

2 assignments were released out last week for Eng. Math lab and a month ago for Hydraulics and both of them need to be submitted in the next week where the date is around the corner. Both of the assignments are about the calculation and it's quite complicated for us. This is not a fully theory assignment that we can easily find the answers in the website and copy them down to the word file. That is for the disadvantage and now I want to talk about the advantage where every numbers and equation need to do by our hands. Basically, all students will produce the similar solution but the way we present the calculation's step must be totally different. So, my hands will full within 5 or 6 days ahead before I could enjoy my Geo camp in Rompin.

I watch the F1 qualifying this afternoon and as usual, many changes happen during the qualifying session for F1 grand prix in Shanghai, China. The qualifying result seems pretty fluctuate as every cars are pushing hard to get the best position for tomorrow race. Not like the previous season where almost top 5 positions were always be capitalized by Ferrari, McLaren and BMW team. Few conclusions I could made based on my observation:
  1. The fresh rookie, Sebastian Vettel from RBR team was set the fastest driver on the track.
  2. Fernando Alonso in P2 after he tried his best struggling with his car. I don't know from where it comes for him to hold that P2 as I expect that he doesn't have a big change in the beginning.
  3. RBR team seems pretty impressive after Mark Webber able to occupied the 3rd position on the grid
  4. Brown Gp team didn't make a good lap after both of their drivers which are Barrichello and Button down to P4 and P5 respectively. Bad position for Button for this round after he able to manipulate the P1 for both previous grand prix.
  5. No more Ferrari, McLaren or even BMW in the top 5 drivers like they used to be in the starting grid for tomorrow Chinese Grand Prix
  6. BMW is still struggling to be one of the competitive team but still not fully improve at all. They aren't look so strong in this qualifying after both of their drivers unable to place themselves in the top 10 position.
  7. Accidents free today as nothing ultimately extreme happen along the qualifying session even a few cars were running a little bit wide from the track.
  8. The using of KERS and DIFFUSER systems are officially allowed after the FIA released the clause to clear cut the doubt of the car's constructor towards the using of both systems.
(A plenty of drama still to come on tomorow Chinese Grand Prix)

Last weekend, I was spending about an hour to watch a program called "Top gear". One of the issue is about how to drive the powerful engine of F1 car. There are too many features and engine classification to write down here so I'll skip this part. One of the hosts was given a chance to drive the ultimate machine and as I know he's good in driving on the road but not for the racing car. He still need to learn more how to drive this ultimate machine even he used to ride a very fantastic super cars in every time this program telecasted on air. So, it's not easy to drive F1 cars while I'm dreaming to have a go on it every day.

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