Sunday, April 26, 2009

United - Out of Blue

I missed United match last night where I felt asleep after 5 minutes the game was started. What a waste after I was waiting since the twilight and frustrated myself when I saw Liverpool was winning over their opponent by 3 goals scored apiece by Alonso and Kuyt. So, Liverpool was in the top of the table for a while. I check the results in the internet once I woke up and found United was left behind by two goals in the first half and staged the stunning fight back in the second half before yielded 5 goals scored apiece from Ronaldo, Rooney and Berbatov.

According to United manager, Sir Alex said that his team is too casual during the first half and he had to change a few key players to set up the new strategies. He brought in Tevez and Scholes to hunt an early goal for the team and somehow they were able to pandemonium the opponent's side. The first goal was scored by Ronaldo after his tranquilly penalty kick and Gomez didn't make the save. The goal starts to impetus all United players to search an equalizer and proceed to the winning goal.

I just missed the breathtaking moment during the match last night and my reaction is surely disappointed to the performance initially. Plus, knowing Liverpool was in the top of the table didn't make things any better. When United started to perform well in the second half, I would be more ecstatic in here as I saw United was keep scoring from a goal to another. Obviously, united is coming back to the summit with 3 points over their closest rival and a game left in hand. This is bad for Redknapp as he was not satisfied to the referee decision for giving a controversy penalty to United. Well, this is a football and you could see that variable of drama and drama in here.

Hydraulic is progressing very well after I was giving some effort yesterday. Excellent Kamarul!!!!!!!

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