Sunday, April 5, 2009

F1 race day, the EPL and the happy Hafis

The EPL has start to warm up the weekend again after all teams start to busy with their routine. More football drama are heating up in a race to grasp the EPL trophy. Meaning, it's still wide open for all teams especially for the top 4 in the league table to win the title this season. Among the 20 teams in the league, only 5 teams have grab my attention currently due to their bright possibility to be the trophy winner. More football check in tomorrow post and i just can't wait to see my favorite team to regain back the top of the table. GLORY GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!

As I promised yesterday, It would be plenty of drama are still to come and this happen during the race day just now. At first, my decoder unable to receive any sign from it center due to the raining. Hapis try to access the sign manually by using his PHONE CHARGER and I could say it was successful. well, I'm not going to elaborate more in paragraph, but, I'll make it in series of numbers because I think it's easy on that way. well, enjoy your stay.

poor image quality
  1. Button remains as the winner for the second round after his superb performance while his teammate has down to P5
  2. Heidfeld is eligible to put himself in podium position after occupied the P2. Even he was starting at the back and I've no idea how come this guy able to make it in P2. I was surprised when Kubica wasn't able to proceed the race due to his engine failure since from the beginning.
  3. As I expected, Glock, from Toyota team is in P3 after struggling with his car against the Brawn racers while his teammate has down to P4 after start at P2 in the starting grid.
  4. The gloomy day is continue for Ferrari team after none of their driver could obtain any points after 2nd round.
  5. Most of the drivers has a bad started from the starting grid especially the first two rows and this matter has drag Jenson Button down to P4 before he regains back the P1 after his convinced effort.
  6. This is the first time I could see the using of many sorts of tires due to the climate change starting from the soft tires, fully wet tires and lastly, the intermediate tires
  7. The pit stop was suddenly congested where each car desperately to change their sets of tires due to the raining day. Even the pit's team, the race stewards and the race controls are quite busy with their responsibility.
  8. The weather forecast has shown the clear sign that the rain will coming down around 15 minutes after the race start. Even so, I could see the gray cloud is gather right on the top of the Sepang Circuit atmosphere.
  9. all drivers are just give their best and drive as fast as they possible could be. Many drivers were trying to get pass other's cars and at the same time trying to defending their position.
  10. After 32 laps (not sure the exact number) the race is quickly stop due to heavy rain to prevent any disaster from occur. This is the normal crucial action taken from FIA management once the heavy rain was coming down.
  11. Many drivers couldn't manage their car well after spinning in the middle of the track due to the slippery surface.
  12. I could see the rain water flow away on the top of the track and most of the track surface are fully covered by the fluid. Some part of the track was submerged.
  13. After 30 minutes waiting for the rain to stop, the race control announce that the race will not be continued regarding to the time range regulation. According to the commentator, the race will be automatically stop if the race takes more than 2 hours, and here, the regulation was implemented just now.
  14. Due to the announcement, it's an easy podium position for Button, Heidfeld and Glock while other drivers able to obtain some points for their teams. the other 24 remaining laps were automatically abrogated.
  15. A little bit disappointment for every spectators as they couldn't find the excitement of F1 GP till the last laps.
  16. It's hard to find the stormer driver in this 2nd round of F1 GP where all drivers unable to show their competitiveness until the ends.
  17. For the P1 until P8 drivers, the points that they could obtain is only a half from what they supposed to get due to the race that couldn't finish all 56 laps. It's one of the regulation order.
And lastly, this is just a simple advertising but it's more to announcement I suspect. Just want to share with my regular blog's readers that my house mate has won triumphantly the 5 sided Rugby Touch competition that was held in MMU, Melaka yesterday. Since yesterday, his life is full with smile carved on his face and no longer retarded. His name is Mohd Hafis Bin Abd. Malik or more known as Pilah and me, as his closest friend ( iyer ker kawan baik?) really proud of his winning. Well everyone, lets give a massive applause to him and congratulation!!! (well, all encouragements that I give to him are not vain. Otherwise, he takes all advice and tips from me without wasting any)

please be informed that all Grey colored words in bracket is just to make myself popular and nothing to do with the reality.

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