Friday, April 17, 2009


It didn't take much to convince me that I wanted something new, something ragged, something that makes everyone go 'aaaaaa~' at the sight of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages and all the existing tribes around the earth's surface and not to forget for the god's creation from the outer space, I have crossed the holy grail of my desire and have stepped on to a new horizon. well, I'm just want to announce that I've my hair cut today.

Some individual doesn't like to absorb any pressure on their head even they are insisted from the people around constantly. This type of person will not change anything as long as they do not find out anything wrong from their point of view. Lately, they will think it back of what everyone said. Still, they are human that has given a heart and mind to work duly on its normal function. Maybe some people will classify this type of person as a stubborn, headstrong or anything bad according to his or her attributes, but I prefer to call them as a person who has a high determination. I'm not quoted this from anyone but the source is coming out based on what I'm thinking and feel. Thus, no wonder if you couldn't find this fact anywhere except here.

Just like today, no one insist me or even force me to cut my hair and the desire is suddenly keep playing inside my brain from nowhere to somewhere. It's still linger inside until it drives me to make a different decision of my mission and vision where I pledge myself to keep my hair longer and longer so far. Time was ticking around 11 a.m and from the heart to brain as witnesses, I hereby declare that I'm going to cut my hair short. Having a long hair is something that I'm wanting to experience and this would be the best thing in my life and as a good remembrance for the rest of my life.

Once I enter the class today, I could hear the roar of voice out with so many comments from the people around and I just let them to ponder as how good or bad it actually is. Well, my mum is the happiest person in this earth to hear this as she always asked me and teasing me to cut my hair. Sometimes she pinched my ear lobe after I was fooling around and ignored the order. I'll give her a call later and every pinched she made, I assume as a very good way of mother - son bonding.

Next week, If I'm not mistaken, 2 assignments need to be submitted which is for Eng. Math and hydraulics subject exactly on 24 and 28 of April respectively. And also, Mr Johny provide us a bunch of questions today regarding to the new subtopic and I was totally blank during the class as I didn't come yesterday. It's served me right. hell yeah!!!

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