Saturday, April 4, 2009

F1 qualifying session

F1 qualifying session has ended up just evening where the Brawn Gp is in poll position for the second consecutive time. This season, the qualifying session has start a little bit late compare to the previous years where it was start around 5 o'clock in the evening and took around an hour to finish. It was delayed for couple hours ahead due to particular reason. At first, I was wondering why there is no sign for the qualifying session once I check on my sports channel list. Then, I took further exploration before I figure out the exact time.

Watched it live from Sepang and directly on air in Star Sports Channel, few conclusion I could made:
  1. Brawn team continue to capitalize the Sepang's track after Melbourne. Poll position for Button and p4 for Barrichello is strong enough to win the race tomorrow. This team is absolutely flying.
  2. The new sensational rookie from RBR, Vettel is just stunning after occupied the third position, right behind the Button and Trulli. He has a big potential to win due to his car performance
  3. Trulli from Toyota has set the second fastest lap behind Button. The Toyota team has improve drastically since few years back and start to hunt their first victory.
  4. What a disappointment from BMW Sauber after both drivers, Heidfeld and Kubica is not eligible to put themselves within the top 5 drivers. It probably take them a while to warm up for this season. lets wait and see.
  5. Worse performance from Ferrari team after Massa is just in P16 after knock out from Q1 session while his teammate, Kimi is struggling with his car to be in top 10 drivers.
  6. For the first time, McLaren team was not in the top 10 list for tomorrow starting grid. A big calamity for the Mercedes engine and they are desperate to make a few changes on the engine.
  7. Most of the cars are running a little bit wide when they try to pass the corners due to the new sets of hard tires, I suspect.
Reminiscing back the legendary of F1, Micheal Schumacher, which has win the 8 times world championship title, it's just an absolutely remarkable performance from the German . I couldn't forget the way he took every laps and set the fastest driver on every tracks. Winning almost every races and got himself into the podium and raise a maximum points he could be. Wow, what a nostalgic.

A plenty of drama still to come tomorrow. I just can't wait

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