Thursday, April 16, 2009

Futsal, absent again and the succesful United

I went off for futsal last night at Seremban with some colleagues of mine and combine with some people over there that I didn't even know the people as I never ever met them before. Initially, I'm not interested to join but finally with many sort of encouragement from afiq, I decide to follow.

I'm not a good footballer or futsal player and that is the fact. I know how to kick the ball and that is not enough to classify me to become a good player. I'm not a skillful and I couldn't juggle or dribble the ball like others people. Well, do you know that every time the ball is rolling down to me, my sight will turn to the darkness and the surrounding goes the same thing as well. Just imagine how sucks I played last night and I could see some faces were unpleased with the performance. It has been a while that I didn't get a contact with this sort of game and I guess it takes a while for me to warm up to adapt.

Well, United has won the second league of quarter final match this early morning after beating Porto by a goal and surely United is one step ahead to retain the championship title. Porto was defeated in their home land by United and their dream is completely vanish for this season. For record, this is the first time for the England team able to win over Porto in Estadio Do Dragao and surely it was United.

The high appreciation should come to Ronaldo when he scored the goal with a stunning kick. From distance about 40 yards away from the goal posts and with 64 kmh of ball acceleration, he able to defeat the Porto's goolie. Literally, I'm still not satisfied with this winning after United has scored only a goal while the other team able to score with the big numbers. I'm not going to boast my support over United but getting mock from the people around after United was draw against porto during last week match is just not the best thing I'm suppose to have.

I missed again for today morning class and this time is Johny class which is Engineering Math. I came home late this morning around 5 o'clock in the dawn and fall asleep after took my bath. I do lock my alarm with two different time but still unable to alert me to wake up. The alarm was not made my day today. *sigh*

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