Friday, April 24, 2009

excel went off from my way and hydro is taking place

title: yes!!!! Eng Math assignment is submitted already

date: Friday
time: 4.45 p.m

Mathematically, I abandoned this blog since last two days as I'm just focusing to the great bullshit Excel application. Now, I could understand why this assignment is only consisting with two questions and its way different compare with another assignment. I started to do this since a week earlier and become more serious when the date line was only a day left. However, still many things were not done yet as I skipped too many parts until the very ends of submission. Right now, I feel a little bit much better after the assignment was successfully submitted even I passed it 15 minutes over 4.30 p.m (it's supposed before 4.30 p.m).

Problems occur before I submit the assignment.
  1. I asked Syukri to print out my sheets and he gets the job done. Unfortunately, some equation parts were not appeared on the paper. (All problems start from this point)
  2. I've no option except re-edit again but emphasize only for the equation and not necessary for the theory as it looks good to where it is.
  3. Once I done the amendment, I was looking for my assignment that was already printed out by Syukri but it was failed. I search around my apartment all over again but it was pointless. I start to think to print the whole assignment again.
  4. I was panic at the moment and start to curse with all sorts of profanities and obscenities came out from my mouth and pointed to nowhere. Everything is not under control anymore.
  5. Hafis misplaced my assignment and I found it in Afiq's. It was under his bed and finds back the losing stuff just make my panic a little bit lesser.
  6. So, I printed out the new particular sheets in Afiq's and arrange it back based on the page number. When everything was set up and follows the page sequences, all I've to do now is binding.
  7. Unfortunately, still many things were against my business, the shops were full with customers and I had to wait until my turn took part. Obviously, I wasted my precious time on that way.
  8. Thank god, everything was done and I rushed to the office while the time shown at 4.35 p.m.
8 problems I've to face today before I could sleep tight afterwards. Without supports from some friends, I don't think I could make it and handle every bit of it. Next problem will be Hydro assignments and those crappy questions would never set me free.

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