Thursday, April 2, 2009

.........geo, completely accomplished.....

Just morning, all my classmates including year 2 SEM A and SEM B were gather in DKA 2/1 for the same reason, same purpose but the different title and appearance. What was we did is to give a presentation about our title regarding the SOIL IMPROVEMENT methods. If I'm not mistaken, this is the 5th time I mention about this, so, you should bear with it.

Too good to be true if I'm telling you that our group did a good job. If you could attend and take a seat to watch our presentation, you'll see the weaknesses and the shortcomings happen everywhere during the presentation.

I believe that not every single person who took part in this presentation is satisfied with the way their present. Plus, facing with the annoying panels didn't make things any better. Few things make our group look really dump and ridiculously stupid:
  1. Each group were expected that they will be given at least 15 minutes time to present anything they got starting from the slide until the model. But it wasn't happen, 10 minutes time for present everything is just not right.
  2. Our group was disrupted when the presentation is in progress. The panels was interfere with some crappy questions even the Q/A session is way to come. Thus, 10 minutes time was distorted.
  3. The panels keep complaining about our model. Indeed our model is really poor compare with the rest, but you couldn't judge by it look. Please judge based on the way we elaborate and the facts that we want to deliver to the audience.
  4. The face's expression from the panel was horrified makes our movement and speech is so lame. well, I know it just a psychological therapy but it was annoying the hell out.
  5. once the presentation 's over, we have to face a bunch of questions and we didn't have a chance to defend ourselves.
Well, I'm the first person who start the presentation and I could say my part is quite easy like a piece of cake. Just give an introduction and explain a few things in the presentation outline as I could bear with it easily. But different things happen for my group member, problem goes to them as they present the most important part. Everyone try to give their best in explaining their parts and it's unquestionable performance

Regarding to my assignment's amendment, I was lucky actually when Dr. Rasool permit me to attach some notes inside my assignment. It's something like a complement for the existence report and ensure a high mark if possible. I implored to him at first but not until my knee down and at last, I got the deal. But still, I'm not going to change my perception about him where he knows nothing :). He 's not suitable for the modern learning system.

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