Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, what a day?.

The brand new hard disc that I bought yesterday has been installed in my CPU and the total number of my hard disc memories are attained around 860 gigabytes now. Previously, I just got only 240 gigabytes of memories with 2 slots of hard disc installed in the CPU. Unfortunately, it's still not enough and I have no find another hard disc so that I could save and paste more folder and documents especially movies and series. Fortunately, the internal hard disc is slightly cheaper nowadays even it's not popular among the people who are obsessed to the computer's gadget as they more prefer to bring anywhere their external hard disc. Anyway, I've nothing to do with the popularity whether the hard disc is popular or not. To me, the most important thing is, I could take benefits from the function and I don't care about what people said even they try to persuade me to pick up an external.

Once everything has been installed, I manage to format my PC as it was infecting with some errors. The Win32 program was always appears when I was running my processor and it will defect some applications especially my sound card. To make the system disappear and all application to work back as it used to be, I've to restart my PC and no resort. Then, it's looking good for a couple of minutes before the system appears back and make some defection again. I'll do the same thing to overcome the problem. I just can't format the PC on that time because I save so many documents in my C's folder. I've to wait until today so that I could transfer all files out from the C's folder to the other new blank partitions.

Well now, everything is top-notch. No more an error come out to mess-up the monitor and I could feel my processor is working perfectly and absolutely stunning. With just a click and within a second, you could find the folder that you are browsing for. New partitions has been set up and more effective folder arrangement, it's easy for me to manage files in the future and it's hard to find all data become a little bit chaos and jumbled up to each other when any particular partition is full.


This paragraph is going to elaborate the current condition in this college. Right now, I couldn't get the internet access in my room and I'm so desperate to do my assignment as the submission date is getting closer and closer. Sometimes, the connection's sign is very strong but suddenly it's disconnected and no more internet access after that since last night. The worse part is, all legendarian have the same problem where we couldn't get the clean water supply today. When I open my host's pipe in the afternoon, the water was flowing out so slowly and things that make me pissed is, they never want to inform us in the first place. Both worst situations are just annoying the hell out of me. CAO!!!!!!!!

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