Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr Munir is not the right "successor"

I'm going to dedicate this first paragraph to clear something indicates inside the previous post. I would like to correct some wrong facts that written by me regarding to the article that was posted on 8th April 2009. It mentioned that Mr. Dian will take over all the Geo classes from our former lecturer for the next few months. This statement is just not true. Last time during the morning class, he took 3 hours time as a special slot to conduct a short briefing for our upcoming Geo camp. Well, this is what will happen if you just blindly believe the rumors without questioning the factual evidence of the subject matter.

Last Wednesday, I came to Geo class promptly on time as my classmates got warns from Mr. Dian because of being late. Once I reach to the hall's entrance, I could see my classmates were stupidly waste their time and hang out happily. A question was coming across in my head and I asked them directly about Mr Dian, whether he is in the hall or not arrive yet. They replied me with the doubtful statement which is, the Geo class will not be conducted by Mr Dian anymore, but Mr Munir will take over our Geo classes. I tough they said something nonsense.

At first, I could said that this is the breakthrough for our problem to find the greatest lecturer that has a high capability to educate. To be frank, all assumptions about this new lecturer that will lead us to understand Geo in better way is just pointless. He has a few similarities with our former lecturer where Mr Munir is originally from India and migrant to Malaysia since few years back. Few facts I would like to share about him:
  1. He doesn't know anything about Geo and you could see him took out his note every time he tried to explain something even it just a basic ideas.
  2. Sometimes he still blur about the Geo facts as he's not purely lecturer in Geo field, he used to teach management of construction and it's an absolutely different topics.
  3. He loves to use his hands gesture and work together with the lips to interpret every single words he said. So, all students able to catch up easily of what he is trying to deliver.
  4. He wrote down a long question in the board and asked us to find the solution, yet he never told us which module we have to refer. Humbly, we are not a wise people especially me.
I was attending a speech about "misconception in understanding Islam" last night where the venue is in DKA 1/1. The speaker was invited from nowhere yet he was originally practicing Jews before convert to Islam in year 1997. This speech is to clear the different between the pure Islam's practice and the culture of Muslim's practice nowadays especially the Malaysian folks. The total of audience is quite poor as this event accidentally crashed with another 4 events which happen in the same moment. I could stimulate more new inputs from this speech where the speaker able to explain clearly one by one every single points he brings along the speech.

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