Monday, April 20, 2009

Ordinary Monday and United miss the FA cup...

Monday didn't bring anything stunning in my daily life and most of the moment is just an ordinary. Nothing interesting to share after I was brainstorming to take out any best ideas consisted in my head due to what I've been through for the whole day. As a normal routine on Monday, I woke up early and went to class on 8 a.m and sleepy during the lecturers time. Thing does not getting any better after few students do their presentations about the new Hydraulics subtopic. They are the chosen students and have to present about the "PUMP" that using in Hydraulics engineering nowadays. Most of the slides are all about the function, the features and the application of the pump itself.

In the afternoon, Mr Dian's class took part but we were lucky after the 3 hours time of lectures need to deduct by 2 hours as he has an appointment afterward. Within an hour time, nothing much I could learn and most of the part that he mentions is all about the upcoming Geo Camp in Rompin that will be held on 29th of April. He highlighted a few things regarding the tools and miscellaneous stuff that will be required during the camp later. Well, I'm supposed to take note for some worthwhile advices which is alternately come from him especially for the report when we have the outcome from the research. One of the advices is about the plagiarism which is totally restricted for any facts and statements. Hopefully, everything goes well later.

Last night, I watched FA cup semifinal between United against Everton in Wembley stadium telecasted live to my TV screen. Everything looks pretty measurable since the beginning starting from the line up where most of the players were unfamiliar while all seniors were substituted. Most of the players were attain to the age of 18 and obviously, they are still lacking of experiences, yet this is not a problem for Ferguson as he convinced for the team to beat Everton on the match. Ferguson take an excuse as he mention about the next match will be quite tough for United and he has to keep the main players. We just can't use the same players for every match where the time gab is just a two or three days. It makes sense after all.

Well, United was lost in the match by penalty shootout after both teams were failed to score in 120 minutes time. Everton made it through and was announced as a winner of the semifinal match and eligible to the final stage after their winning due to the penalty shootout with 4 - 2. Tim Howard was the foremost person in Wembley after his crucial saving the penalty kick by Berbatov and Ferdinand. A little bit disappointment from Arsenal manager after he whines for the sucks field condition has contributed to the lost of his team.


[t E h t a R i k] said...

well,i'm a bit upset when MU loose the game..but hey,it just FA cup..we're aiming for a higer level trophy CL, league's ok..Fergie is good in prioritzing u know..Plus with the absent of CR, Rooney, Edwin i don't think it would be a challenge for,sorry to be a stalker but i don't mean it..just wanna share my opinion as MU fans..



well, good to know someone is willing to drop a comment here.

just to remind u the United's mission is to dominate all 5 trophies.but now, 2 trophies are in their hand and only 2 trophies are remaining due to their lost in semi and they absolutely miss the Fa cup. if they win, this could motivate them in the next match..

anyway, thanx for drop by,,,