Monday, April 13, 2009

ponteng, x der air ngan Mr dian....

I was absent for morning class today due to the water crisis in this college. Actually, the water was starting to flow out from the host but it’s still not fully recover as it use to. Since last night, I had decided for not to come due to the Hydraulics report that still not find the end’s point. Plus, the water crisis is still not over yet makes my initial intention more stronger for not to come.

I’m confusing regarding to the replacement lecturer for Geo – Mechanic subject. Today, Mr Dian was come in to continue his new responsibility and starts to teach us the new subtopic about rocks. Well, seems like I’m still not sure about my own geo lecturer while everyone knew it since last week. Clearly, I’m still dreaming and never have pure intentions to study. After all, students have to recognize their lecturer for each subject that they are undergoing at. Isn’t it?

So, as I didn’t know the real replacement lecturer will be given to Mr Dian, I was coming a little bit late this afternoon and luckily his not there yet. Starts from that moment after I have a cit cat with some crazy friends, they told me the real thing about the issue and I just aware that I'm misunderstanding the fact so far. Yet, I could tell you the real replacement lecturer from today and ahead. It’s Mr Dian.

Well, Mr. Dian came late to the class today about an hour. But it’s not a problem because most of the students are prefer on that way and they tend to make some noise with the people around. It’s normal for student’s life and please don’t pretend that you’ll depressed once your lecturer isn't coming for lectures. Such a nerd and you look damn sucks for that!

Hydraulics reports start to torture my social life now. Every leisure time I have, I will think about the lab report and surely I couldn’t enjoy every happy moment. I can’t feel any excitement now, shit! Well I’m stuck in here; with book opens upon my face...need help!!!!!!

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