Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese GP from my point of view

As usual, I'm not going to miss the F1 GP in China where this is the 3rd round in this season. From the race today, a few circumstances happen and some new records have been made from a few particular team. The weather was raining and it's quite similar with the previous GP but still has a different in term of the time. The heavy rain was coming down just right before the race to start and it's switched to the drizzling after a few laps.

For the first time, RBR team has followed the trace of Brawn GP after winning the 1st and 2nd position in Chinese GP. The younger rookie, Sebastian Vettel has won the pole position while his teammate down in second place. And this is the first time ever for the RBR team to dominate the maximum championship points after they form this team a few years ago.

Button just able to be in the 3rd place and he's completely fail to retain his winning title. And still, he is leading the championship title after his 2 consecutive winning in the both previous GP and plus with 6 points from this Chinese GP. His teammate was set the 4th place right behind him. It's not too bad results for the team I guess.

The most improvement team is from the McLaren after both of the drivers are able to be in the 5th and 6th place. Clearly, this achievement is effected by the using of KERS and DIFFUSER systems that has been installed by the teams's mechanics.

Ferrari team is still looking for the very first championship point and they are unable to gain any points after the 3rd round. This upset moment could be share with the BMW team after they fail to gain any point in this Chinese GP. How sad.

Well, few conclusions from the Chinese GP:
  1. The race was not start from the starting grid as they have to follow the safety car due to the raining since from the very beginning.
  2. Without the starting grid, the race has lost something interesting to watch and of course it's not thrill anymore.
  3. Some drivers still commit a simple mistake even they just need to follow the simple rules. They were lost their concentration and overshoot during tailing the safety car.
  4. After 7 laps, the safety car was come into the pit and it gives a clear sign for all drivers to start the race. So, no accident happen in the first corner of the circuit and this is slightly different if they start in the starting grid where you could see many accidents are possible to happen.
  5. This is the second time for all drivers to race in the wet condition after Sepang Cirduit and basically, the fully wet tire is the best option to use in order to have the best grip for the car.
  6. I couldn't see any spectacular action or movement from any drivers as they prefer to give their full attention towards the car's handling and avoid the car from spinning on the track.
  7. I could see the water was spraying up and floating in the atmosphere once the car travels on the wet surface and it looks like a smoke is coming from the engine. This is the disadvantage for the driver who is tailing someone's car.
  8. Every hairpins existed, every milimeter and every inches of the circuit is a great vital for every drivers and every single risk taken is subjected to the disaster. Racing in the wet track doesn't make thing any better for them.
  9. Few cars were involved in the accidents and all of them are safe after the big impact caused by the crashed. Well, technology nowadays is just awesome especially in F1.
  10. The using of DIFFUSER and KERS system somehow is helping a few teams to occupy a little bit much better position after the cars reach to the finish line. Special thanks for the setup's team after their work on it in the last minute time due to FIA deem the using of both systems is allowed.

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