Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 001

As promised, now I'm blatantly about to reveal my New Year's resolution list for the year of 2011. I contemplate this year would be my starting point or a fundamental preparation for my future and a long term basis of successful. In this year, I wish everything I do would be worthwhile and benefited me for a long run as in return.

Reminiscing year of 2010, I have to say that this is the year of my turning point from was being a student, then was being a jobless young graduate and after that I involve in working life in late October of year 2010 until present.

After the years were tallied, I was being a student for almost 17 years. It does make sense after the year toll is calculated from I was in kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and whenever I underwent the higher education level.

If last year resolution list (did I have that list? was more to education context such as don't want to skip the boring class or not trying to escape from the annoying class and lectures anymore, submit assignment before the due date, stop copy and paste exercise from someone else, score for flying colors in every single subject...bla...bla...bla but this time, it would be literally much different.

At first, I have a plenty of plans and goals for the year 2011 and ahead. I'm barely couldn't highlight the important one but I manage to narrow down and justify or in other words to simplify them. I just highlight things that would be significantly driving me to the certain level.

I have dreaming about to become rich where money never ever against desire, living my life in harmony and prosperity, having a happy and loyal family where they still support me even I'm in the deepest point. Maybe I sound exaggerate but it's the fact!

I found this entry is just too long and manage to write down the resolution in the next entry... bye bye :D

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