Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Memory

As the year is drawing to a close, most Malaysians are either enjoying some time off with their loved ones or drawing up New Year's resolution but things are heating up on my career interest. Back in year 2009, I was a student but now since in the midyear of year 2010 until present, I declare myself as an employee. Surely my point of view, the mission, vision and my goals as well should be different regarding the evolution of time.

Okay, now it's time to say goodbye to year 2010 and welcome the year 2011. It's a New Year's eve and in less than an hour we will move to the next year. I believe most of us are so much ready with wish-list such as new willpower, new determination, new desire, new changes and new resolution so that this New Year will run with a fresh kick start. Most of the wish must be related to the turnaround of the bad thing so that life could be running better compare with the past.

In year 2010, it brings a lot of feeling and emotion towards each day and night that I have been through. 365 days are not a short period and obviously many things had happened over the year. All the feelings were jumbled up together and swipe to each other which make my life complete as it contains of joy, happiness, anger, mad, excitement, exhilaration, challenges, sweet moments, bitter moments and so on.

So, I shouldn't forget those memories throughout the year of 2010 regardless the sweet one or the bitter one, both are playing big roles in reforming my habit, behavior and commitment. The lifestyle I used to live with would be the useful experience in the next year especially whenever I'm at my deepest point. Experiences are the good lecturer isn't it? Okay, the upcoming entry would shows my resolution list for year 2011 :)

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