Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 005

My resolution for year 2011 seems a far-reaching one yet I'm optimistic for more greatness to come. I come out with those resolutions after brainstormed and not deliberately pick them up by haphazardly. I'm not a petty-minded person yet I'm a forward-thinking person.

My New Year's resolution - An Overview

Resolute #1 and #2 should be working together since resolute #2 is reflected by how well my performance for resolute #1. If I could demonstrate good discipline to ensure the success of resolute #1, there should be no worry for resolute #2.

After the rough calculation were made, I have estimated to accumulate the minimum cash of 48K by the end of year 2014. From that hefty sum, it comprises of some for my car's loan, apartment's loan, marriage reception, invest in stock market & unit trust and last but not least - allocate some to establish company and set up the business under my management.

Resolute #3 is still under consideration and depends on the needs in the future. If the car is yet not to be needed in my daily basis, so it's pointless to own one. If I do have one, surely I need to pay its monthly fee where I consider lost to my saving cash. Plus, car is considered as great depreciation asset. It's not similar of owning properties like apartment and land where it is considered as appreciation asset.

Will be continued...

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