Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 010

Resolute #8 doesn't reflect my future at all. when I was about to come out with the new year's resolution last time, I was under uncertainty circumstance whether to put it on the list or not since it just relates on my lifestyle and personal life. But finally, I managed to write it down even it is blatantly couldn't spur up the benchmark of my achievement.

To tell you the truth, my room is super messy yet it's not dirty. I repeat - it is super messy but not dirty. Do you hear me? Hopefully my shout doesn't fall in the deaf ears. I don't know why this kind of bad behavior happens to me. I'm not neither a lazy man nor I'm becoming one.

This kind of behavior is not a new thing. It has continuously happen since I was a kid back in my home. After I sat for PMR examination, I continued my studies in technical school and stayed in hostel. Two years later, after I sat for SPM examination, I underwent my studies in higher learning for 5 years. Now, I'm working and live my life all by myself.

Even many things have changed over the period, one thing still remains the same - I seldom have intention to tidy up my own room or space and do not practice the chores exercise in daily basis, weekly basis or even monthly basis to maintain the cleanness.

It doesn't makes sense if I never did the chores and tidy up my room. I used to clean it up once in a while like brushed away the dusts, remove clutter things where I presume I don't want it to block my view line anymore and disposed trashes into the dustbin. Ironically, The neat and tidy "mode" just stayed for a few hours before I start the old routine.

I wish that "cleanness" could be stay for much longer instead of temporary basis as I never enjoy doing this particular activity which is namely as chores exercise. Since it's a new year, I will try to change it for the sake of better lifestyle. I'll start self pushing from today onwards!

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