Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Event of New Year's eve...part 001

On the New Year's Eve, I was not one of the New Year's revelers who had partying while waiting and counting down the New Year of 2011 to kick in. I was in Salak Tinggi to meet my parents there where they were on trip from Batu Pahat.

My father came to Salak Tinggi with initial intention to visit his old friend and the fact that to enroll my sister in her new college on the next following day (Saturday). It's also the fact that they took advantage of 3 public holidays in a row where they felt on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with AFF Suzuki cup won by national team, New Year of 2011 and Public holiday respectively.

So, we met at my father's friend house. I had been there before and this is my second time to travel there. So, put aside the possibility of me to get lost in the area as it would not be the issue. Plus, I have a few friends which are staying nearby and had roaming around the place for a couple of times. I could say that I'm quite familiar with the place and ascertaining the surrounding pretty well.

Will be continued...

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