Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 003

After I revealed my New Year's resolution yesterday, a few more have suddenly come across in my head. They came just right when I was about to go to sleep. So, I'm going to write down a few more resolute so that it looks a hunky - dory resolution list :)

Resolute #6: Create new networking amongst the professionals - Since I work for this consultant firm, I have exposed myself and meet various of individuals. Most of them are playing a big part in the construction field. I met a few architects who were responsible in designing for many enormous building in Putrajaya and skyscraper in great KL city. I also met the project director and main contractor's representative which were responsible in construction stage for those building. I met a few officers from Putrajaya Holding and also officers from Public Work Department (JKR). All these chances were bouncing over me whenever I have being appointed as safety officer for this rectifying work at the Government Administrative Center, Putrajaya. I'm very optimistic that some of them could influence my future. InsyaAllah.

Resolute #7: Gaining experiences as many as possible - This resolute also quite important. Experience could be the springboard if you intent to expand your career further. Experience also need to go parallel with knowledge since experience is nothing without knowledge and vice-versa. After I think about my current role at the construction site, I could say that I'm in the right track to learn a lot of things. I'm grateful after Allah has granting me the chances which could link me to my future dream.

Resolute #8: Start self - pushing for chores exercise - This resolute sound a little bit nonsense yet I'm looking forward on it. To tell you the truth, I'm not a very hardworking person when it comes to keep my room in clean, neat and tidy circumstance. I'm not lazy yet I just enjoy the scene where a lot of things are messing the They look good to the way they are. You could ask my mother or my former housemate to seek the confirmation. Sometime, I could notice a spider web hanging at certain corner! It takes me awhile to change this particular bad habit since nobody seems to like it.


Anonymous said...

aku baca satu2 pening jgk nk serap
mantap punya plan :)


hahah... thanks yati...
aku pon pening, leh ke aku achieve benda yg aku plan ni?...hahah