Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 009

Resolute #7 stresses about how the significant of experience could influence my future. Every moment I went through whether it is a bitter one or the sweetest one should be recognized as a lesson learned. At certain point, those lesson learned could be worthwhile or guidance for certain repeated circumstances in forthcoming.

I don't know whether you have ever heard about this or not but I believe most of people have stumbled upon this particular quote "experience is a good lecturer". It does true. You will never know when you need to rise again until you realize you have fallen downward. Unfortunately, you'll never success to rise again without experience.

Let say you fail in doing something due to wrong pace or you had refused to follow the procedure accordingly, in your next attempt, you have to implement based on the corrective measure to tackle the problem.

If you commit a wrongdoing, just don't repeat it all over again and again. Use the experience you have gained beforehand to turn things around. This time around, make sure you avoid by doing the same mistake so that you would not fall in the same failure.

Back in my case, by holding up my current position, it gives me privilege to gain more experience. During my time at construction site, I got a lot of chances to observe and learn various construction activity and phase.

I spend almost 6 - 7 hours in 6 days in every week there. If I get curious in something, all I need to do is asking the site supervisor or site engineer straightforward instead of watch them with blank mind. Maybe for the time being, the knowledge has nothing to do with my job, but who knows it would benefit me in different ways later on.

Once I have done with one location, I crave to seek more. I will walk away to somewhere else where the other different task is undergone. Here, I will find new attractive thing which could trigger my curiosity sense. Here the leaning process and gaining knowledge process take place.

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