Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 011 (Series Finale)

Since the 1st January 2011, I have coming out with the New Year's resolution and I guess, it's time to end it up. This is the last entry and would be the series finale..chew~wah... Including this entry, I have written 11 entries related the New Year's resolution and I have started to lost interest. I'm tired of thinking as I don't have any clue what is the next word to grouse about.

Back to those resolute, the sole motivation of me painstakingly come out with resolute #1 until resolute #7 are to guide and bring me to the stable future. I wrote them down to demonstrate the enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the forthcoming years. Reveal how I want to shape the next four years by contemplating every possible way to grab the level I'm dreaming in very triumphantly.

For resolute #8, it is different issue. I could take an efficient action immediately at any time whenever I start to concern about it. It's about my self-organize-problem. I could fix it with vigorous awareness campaign and It can be more effective when a little pressure put upon me such as nagging or babbling. I recognize both as supportive and constructive encouragement from surrounding.

Well, action speaks louder than words. If I keep bitching about my own-far-reaching New Year's resolution but no immediate action has been taken afterwards, then it's futile and pointless. In line with that, I have vainly written those resolute and everything will fall down into the drain. It's useless and hopeless!

Anyway, this is just a plan. I would not be nabbed or police would undergo probe and bring me to gallows upon conviction albeit I'm unable to commit and have to breach and violate all the resolute or towards certain part due to reasonable excuse. I just need to omit a few things to ensure the resolute keep rolling so that I could thrive to my goal no matter what :)

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