Thursday, January 13, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 002

If I'm not mistaken, my father was being apart from his best friend for almost 15 years .The next paragraph would describe a bit of how the fate works. After so long, they are able to meet up.

My father's friend had came to our house once, so this is the time for my father to pay back the visit. Meaning to say, the motive of this trip is to return back my father's friend visit and as the fact that my father is eager and excited to meet his best acquaintance.

The fate has turned around after my father's friend had suddenly appeared at our doorstep during the Hari Raya festival last year. The-all-of-sudden visit had making my father came to a state of shock. Thanks to the one who had forwarded our full address and valid contact number which lead the duo to reunite for the first time after being apart so long.

Will be continued...

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