Friday, January 14, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 003

Once he got our address in hand and based on it he managed to surprise my father. That was why they came in all of sudden instead of phoning us at the first place. That time, he came along with his entire family on a sole mission which is to visit us. My father felt much appreciated and the atmosphere a little bit heartwarming as I saw the duo wipe-out-their-tears scene.

Just imagine the feeling that you might have after you never ever met up your old fella after being separated quite long. Thing will be more tragic after knowing the fact that he/she was the one who was being supportive over you at any course. The sweet and bitter moment that count surely.

Okay, could you feel the expression? Could you describe the feeling or the feeling is just indescribably or you can't find the suitable words to represent the feeling? Well, even me after I put myself in the shoes, I couldn't feel that particular expression as I just live my life for almost 23 years up to date and has yet to face such situation. No wonder you can't!

Will be continued...

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