Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 004

As you could read in the previous entry, I have stated 8 resolute for the year of 2011 which I presume those resolute is relevant for the time being to foster in shaping the future. Those resolute might be validated for the upcoming years as well as I have a long term goal in plan.

Okay, I would like to reveal the reason of me painstakingly pick out those 8 resolute items. To be honest, I'm a regular reader of many books which has written by Azizi Ali. My cousin is the one who introduced me with those books back in 5 years ago.

The contents of the books are majorly about financial planning and since then I have read many financial book from this particular writer. I found all methods and advices are likely reliable and do make sense. This also the fact that this particular writer has spurred my desire and impetus the spirit to bolster strive.

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