Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution...Part 002

After I adjourned my New Year's resolution list and bitching too much on the previous entry yesterday, now I'm likely to come out and reveal all significant points on the list which are:

Resolute #1: Saving money - Since I'm working and getting my paycheck at the end of every month, I've allocated a few hundred in my ASB account. I also have channelized another a few hundred to another leading financial institution which is namely as CIMB Bank and Maybank. Normally, I could save about Rm 600 and the amount sometime could be up to Rm 800 or Rm 900 depends on my monthly expenditure.

Resolute #2:
Accumulating financial capital
- I'm not the one who like to be an employee or work for someone else for the rest of my life. I have a dream to be a manager or run my own business and for that sake, I have a plenty of plan in the future. Then, accumulating financial capital should be the most necessary thing I should done first. I hate people who always bitching to run their own business but don't have any saving in their bank account to cater all the things it takes. At last, they end up the plan with history.

Resolute #3:
Resisting the desire of owning a car
- Used car or the new one, I'm not going to buy any, not until year 2015 comes over. This looks difficult to get it done, but I have to obey this resolute so that everything I have planned would be perfectly on schedule. I would try to make my bike at full use over the remaining years to cater all journeys before the time reaches the year 2015. I wish my company could provide any transport such as four wheel drive car for me not just for my convenience at construction site, but also for all outdoor activities.

Resolute #4:
Resisting the desire to fall in love
- Having girlfriends are fine for me but I should think deeper to fall in love with them. I do want to have one but not until the year 2015. I do reckon that it's not the right time for that. I think from the year 2011 until the next four years, I need to focus on somewhere else. Having the loved ones at this moment is not necessary I guess.

Resolute #5:
Spending wisely
- In order to cater the resolute no. 1 and no.2, this part is really significant. I need to control my financial behavior and expenditure so that I don't look very extravagant person. Money track back would be used if I have financial matter in constant way such as over spending.

Will be continued...

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