Saturday, January 15, 2011

Event of New Year's Eve...part 004

Its fine if we are unable to dream the expression but it sounds ridiculous if we don't have any idea what we suppose to do once we meet our old best friend. We should bear in mind that the first thing that would come in action is to shake their hand and greet them. Normally, the next basic start is asking their condition and healthy as fundamental topic to ignite the next curiosity approach.

Then we are obviously will drag them for a long conversation to seek further unknown subject on each other while we were untouched. We will have a long chit chat and most of the talk pertaining the current lifestyle, family, properties, business and so on. That what my father and his friend did in the first time they confronted after haven't met for ages.

So, the topic comes to various and the conversation sometime has diverted towards more hilarious condition after certain amusing issue come to be highlighted, cheering the atmosphere with sincere grinning from ear to ear and interval by chuckles. My father couldn't help to deny the ecstasy as he looked inevitably pleased at that moment.

Will be continued...

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