Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's grumbles :)

Today's class was just fine even Mdm Hema still not around. So, to ensure the class keeps running, Mdm Hairun took over the role as today's substitute lecturer to proceed the lessons. We were enlightened about the new subtitle,"contaminated water". It's more to biological terms that most of the doctors in the world need to get some idea of it. Unfortunately yet again, I'm not interested with it and sadly to say, some little diversion took me the most.

Evening, I skipped my sieve analysis test for the second time as I don't have any option to take. I need to go to Public work Department or in bahasa we call it as "Jabatan Kerja Raya" to set an appointment.

That was our intention beforehand yet it switched to something even better. I could say that we were so lucky today as the person in-charged was willing to entertain us. So, we just went straight to the point as we mentioned the top purpose of us painstakingly in their departments.

I'm moving to mcD now - to further enforcement of my project*sigh*