Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homecoming - no hard feelings

Just got back to my hostel and I'll try to recap all my activities along the 4 days of time at home.

Day 1 (13/2/10)

My cousin offered a ride as he wanted to go back to Batu Pahat. So I accepted the lucrative offer and we were moving in the morning after he picked me up. We reached at Batu Pahat in the afternoon and he dropped me at my home, then continued his journey to his home.

Evening, I fetched my auntie at Rengit after she went out to evening market for shopping. According to my cousin, this market is called as "CAR BOOT SALES" in UK. To get some ideas what is "CAR BOOT SALES, please go to Google it :) My auntie is actually came from JB and decided to spend at least 3 days at my home. Night, I came by at my cousin's nearby for his wedding event that will be held by tomorrow morning.

CAR BOOT SALES. I've no idea what is the ideal term in Bahasa Melayu :)

Day 2 (14/2/10)

My mum insisted me to come early to my uncle's as today is my cousin's wedding. So I woke up early and went over there as my mum's wish while she was coming almost in the afternoon due to attend a few wedding events.

I spend almost 10 hours of time over there without do nothing in particular. Basically, I'll do some favor or at least contribute something for the event just similarly what I did in any wedding ceremony in my village but not in here. I stood for no chance on that day. Obviously, there are a few persons in charged for every area and to give my hands were just make the area looks crowded.

By the way, I want to wish my cousin Selamat Pengantin Baru. Please realize that you live your life as a spouse now and hope you'll live happily forever after.

Day 3 (15/2/10)

My hands were full in this day as I need to help my father to do some gardening works at his farms. I used to help him but it was a couple of months ago and to start again the task force, it takes me a while to warm up before I can all out.

Do I look like a real civil engineer-to-be? WTF?

It seems that my father was utilizing my 100% energy as I need to go through some enormous difficulties and hardness. I was lifting a quite number of heavy containers that full of crystal clear water from point A to point B by using improper pathway. If the surface or texture is even, it's not going a big fuss for me :( Later that time, I was helping him to fertilize the plants and I was successfully covered a few errands.

Day 4 (today)

It's time to depart from home and come back to college. As I came back to my home on last Saturday with my cousin, so do the way I'm going back to college. We were moving just right before the brunch and reached after noon time.

Currently, the day time is so hot and I could feel a symptom of throat sore. I need to have a quite number of gulps but quite lazy to get my ass moved to grab a bottle of cold water even the freeze is just a few milliseconds away.

Oh, I'm planning to clean up my super duper miserable rooms :) .TaTa..