Friday, February 19, 2010

This week is not really encouraging

Currently, I'm blogging out from my friend's house. I'm seriously never expected that I could have the free internet excess here :) To utilize this opportunity, blogging is the last option after I'm done with all my internet communities and emails.

Today, water class began at 8 a.m and it was a real torture to wake up early in the morning. It seems that in this entire week, all the actual lecturers are not around until next week as Mdm Hema also is still not coming back from her country.

So the class was conducted by Mdm Su from the beginning until the end. Reminiscing my diploma's days, she used to be my lecturer for one particular subject - HSW and frankly speak, I was a very bad students. Always caused a problem, keep bugging in her class and my assignment always went out from the scope. Even though, she still helped me out in dealing with my education matters

Evening, I'm still running the sieve analysis test and gain a few kilos more of retained sands based on the required size. I have explored something new today. It's not effect at all towards my experiment later yet it just a new invention - I could gain 50 grams per test and it takes me 20 rounds to obtain a kilo of sands. *Sigh*